We are specialized in supplying new or used, heavy and light automotive spare parts and machinery. With our yard in Japan and warehouse located in Jinjang Selatan, we provide a full line of automotive spare parts such as engines, cylinder heads, axle, pump hoist, spring, CBU, CKD, various tandem, wheel rim and etc.

At E.H Auto, we are committed to introduce the latest technology to the automotive industries and latest product model to the customers. Due to our goodwill and market leadership for the past 11 years, we have successfully create a strong network which is ready to absorb new technology and new products.

Single axle
(2.5 ton - Mitsubishi type)
Single axle
(Hino type)
Various tandem
Army tandem 2 & 5 ton Army wheel 9.00-20-6 holes
(2 ton); 11.00-20-10 holes (5 ton)
Wheel rim
(10.00-20-8 hole & 11.00-20-8 hole)
Recovered tire
(10.00-20 & 11.00-20)
Heavy equipment's tire Engine Air Compressor Parts
Oil Pump Truck, Marine Engine Truck, Marine Engine (Ship)
Auto Parts

If you do not find a product either from the market or on our website, please feel free to contact us. We offer a wide array of automotive products that might not be offered in the market or on our website yet. 

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